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Welcome to the official Gundam Century website! This project started back sometime in 1998/1999 is no longer under production, but I decided to have a website dedicated in memory of it. Gundam Century is a game modification for Blizzard Entertainment's Starcraft realtime strategy game. It converted the appearance of Terran and Protoss units and buildings to simulate a Gundam experience. As well, I changed some of the purposes, spells, and abilities of the units and buildings to better match the Gundam universe. The mod was released as in beta form, but it was never completed due to an inability to create what I had initially intended game design wise, as well as a lack of time. Still, people enjoyed what I created and that's what really mattered to me. In any case, I hope everybody enjoys the small site I've created to chronicle the remains of Gundam Century.

- Stuart Ng (aka Kuren, KurenaiJiku)


Download Gundam Century

These are the conditions for downloading the mod:

1.) I don't provide any support for the mod. You will need Starcraft: Brood War 1.07 and up to run it from what I remember. It's unfortunately been a really long time and I don't remember anything about it.

2.) I am not working on the mod anymore. Please do not ask if I am working on the mod still, going to add to it or what not. I don't have any plans to continue the mod.

3.) Do not claim Gundam Century for your own, and please do not modify or edit any part of Gundam Century. Even though the Gundam license isn't mine, and I didn't develop the game; Starcraft, please respect one's work of actually creating the mod.

4.) I am not responsible for what the mod may or may not do to your computer. The mod has been downloaded, tried and tested by thousands and perhaps millions of users. It safely works for the most part.

5.) Gundam Century can be played online via 3rd party Battle.net "emulators". Gundam Century does not support Blizzard's Battle.net. I will not provide any support on how to obtain these "emulators". Please use Google.com and search it yourself.


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